Sunday, September 11, 2005

Tortoise-ing along

Progress overnight on Devan from Knitty in Opal and Sunbeam sock yarns. Slow going, as it's 180 stitches across both fronts and the back - worked together to avoid having to count three times to get them all the same length.

I was getting a bit fed up and worked out that 180 stitches takes me between 6 and 7 minutes to work. That's 12 - 14 minutes to work across-and-back on the whole thing, so perhaps I shouldn't be quite so impatient.

I probably shouldn't have been so surprised, given that I'm working on 3.25mm needles, but that's the same number of stitches as half way down my lace poncho (pattern coming soon, I promise.)
Chantelle lace poncho

I'll add photos of my Devan progress & yarn info once I've been back to bed for a bit. We've had a busy month or so at the hotel, which is good, but we're both very tired!


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