Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Knitting Again!

Yes, I've finally got my brain into a state where counting to six seems possible.

Autumn Gold Cravat
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The unpattern is available here on the blog, but I'll try and tidy it up later.

Also completed are another pair of Regia Socks for Me. I used the same modifications as for the first pair and I'm very happy with the fit. I didn't try to match up the striping, as it really doesn't bother me that much.

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The pattern is Shapely secrets by Dawn Adcock, from the Autumn 2003 issue of Heels & Toes Gazette which used to be published by Dawn Brocco. I used 2mm needles to get a snugger fit on 64 stitches.


Blogger Jean said...

The socks are gorgeous, Lorna. I think, myself, that it's actually perverse to try to match up the stripes.


29/11/06 13:39  
Anonymous carlarey said...

I just went and looked at the photos of your remodel work. Must feel wonderful, like you are starting to get your life back, which is proved by your knitting, of course.

3/12/06 14:16  

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