Monday, September 12, 2005

Good day sun-shine

Typical: the weekend is over, the tourists are away.... so the sun comes out. It's been a gorgeous day: 21C, sunny and feeling like summer. Not at all like last Friday and Saturday when it was 13C, wet and windy; and we had 8 walkers staying with us doing St Cuthbert's Way. Somehow they managed to enjoy themselves, but they were pouring water out of their boots, waterproofs and rucksacks when they got back.

Ah well.

The fronts & back of Devan are complete - well, sort-of.

I joined the fronts and back together using a variation on the 3-needle bind-off which I read about somewhere in the blogosphere a few months ago (apologies for not remembering where) which has given me a neater, flatter shoulder seam.

Devan fronts & back pre-blocking
Shoulders linked on the bar top late last night.

It's a two-step procedure:
1. as for a normal 3-needle bind-off, hold the two pieces to be joined with the 'seam' side outwards. Slip on stitch from the front needle as if to knit, and one from the back needle as if to purl; then pass the first stitch over the second. Repeat until you run out of stitches on the original two needles.
2. work a bind-off row as normal

I'm blocking the completed bits at the moment. Not agressively, because I have neither the space nor the time to pin it out to perfection. However, a towel has enough grip to hold the knitting more-or-less in place once it's been wet & squeezed dry.

And, most importantly, the sun is shining and I'm off for a walk before it hides!


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