Wednesday, September 28, 2005

Still no photos


Yesterday was Tuesday, which in our place is Beer Line Cleaning Day.

We have three bars, with a total of 17 fonts, which have to be cleaned weekly whether they are used or not. This involves me reverting to my last-but-one job, and donning lab coat, sensible shoes, safety specs and rubber gloves, and scampering around the building clutching buckets into which to pull the caustic soda/bleach mix which is Beer Line Cleaner (TM).

Not fun. It takes just over 2 hours to do it all properly (see Google if you really want to know the details), but is essential if you are going to serve a pint of good beer (or cider as it happens).

As a result, I didn't get much done yesterday morning. By the time breakfast was over and the lines were cleaned it was pub opening time, and I perched myself behind the bar with my KIP (passim) and waited for customers.

In five hours, I saw 5 people. Two of those had come in looking for lunch, which we can't do until we've had the kitchen upgraded, so I had three customers in five hours. That's a bit soul-destroying, but at least I had my knitting.

A good plan
Not a cunning one.
Always have something done at the end of each day which will not need to be undone or redone tomorrow.
Ideally, it will be something both tangible and visible, which will therefore cheer you up each time you see it. It's how my father avoided depression, and how I keep myself going in this job. It's probably also why I hate ripping out my knitting, as that's the thing I have each day (unless it's utterly manic in the pub) which is DONE and won't need to be redone.

It's surprising how much better that sense of achievement, even if it's only a row you've finished, can make you feel. I'm almost done the centre square of my shawl-to-be, which is actually on 5mm needles (I checked) and also almost done with the first ball of sock yarn. I will have to consider my options for the next section: contrast, toning, or continue in grey.

Pictures soon, I promise.


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