Friday, June 02, 2006

Of smoke detectors and labourers

So, imagine you are going to take down an old (very old - probably over 300 years old) plaster ceiling in a room which has a smoke detector. You have been provided with detailed instructions on Health & Safety, and a set of caps to isolate any smoke detectors.

Do you:
a) wear a hard hat
b) isolate the smoke detector
c) evacuate the building when the fire alarm goes off
d) apologise

That's right, you:
e) do none of the above, and act extremely disgruntled when the site supervisor (that would be me) swears at you after the fire alarm goes off for the umpteenth time.

I really swore. Lots, and at length. Having to kick my pub customers out into the rain was bad enough, but fetching a smoke detector cap, only to find that said labourers had just fitted the one they already had - thereby trapping the dust inside the detector.... Well, lets just say that I wasn't particularly polite.

Thank heavens this lot have finished the work they're doing in the main building, and are only responsible for a little tidying up of the back carparking area.

Truly gorgeous today.
Pub front door

We ended up eating out in the beer garden, and it was lovely. We'll have that open for the weekend, which is forecast to be warm and sunny, but will then have to close it to allow for work on the ceiling/floor above.

Still plodding away on "Melissa" (see below). I've completed the back, and am trying to work out my first ever set of bust darts in knitting. I've also just realised that although the overall circumference is likely to be correct, I've miscalculated the side seam positions.


I honestly had no idea how narrow my back was compared to my front, despite much use of tape measures over the years. I am not ripping the work-to-date out, though, for two very good reasons. Firstly, this yarn doesn't survive being knit with terribly well, never mind being ripped out. Secondly, there is just no way that I'd ever knit it again if I did, so I carry on and hope for the best.


Blogger Dez Crawford said...

Tip for smoke detectors: cover with Saran Wrap and masking tape while doing dusty work. I don't trust the "fitted" covers.

27/6/06 03:28  

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