Monday, November 20, 2006

Quiet day in the pub

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Yup, that's over half a sock knitted yesterday. I got as far as the heel turning last night, and started the decreases today. There's nothing quite like cold feet to speed up your knitting! Cold fingers, sadly, seem to slow it down....


Anonymous Barbara-Kay said...

Ooh, pretty sock! It took me a day and a half to realize why it looked a bit different to me: you knit with 4 DPs, and I with 5, a square configuration. Well, sometimes two circulars instead of DPs, if I think I'm going to be interrupted frequently. Anyway, now I see where you are - just about ready to race for the toe!

21/11/06 13:06  
Anonymous Krista M said...

I hear you about the cold feet! Winter just showed up in earnest yesterday and I am so thankful for fuzzy slippers and flannel sheets!

22/11/06 23:57  

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