Tuesday, October 24, 2006

That's odd....

Well, the camera is supposed to give you a better idea of the way you look, so DH and I had a bit of a fashion show last night.

I'm still having trouble with a few glaringly obvious discoveries.
1. Ankle-length skirts look good on me. Not practical, of course, but good.
2. I look better in sleeveless than in short or 3/4 length sleeves, and better again in wrist length sleeves.

As proof:
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I thought that the collar and v-neck would suit better than the U of the pinafore (I think you call it a jumper on the other side of the pond), but I was wrong again.


Anonymous Barbara-Kay said...

Ah, good to be back to blogdom. You do look good in the jumper without the blouse - but given the right blouse, you could wear one, too. Perhaps just not this blouse.

I stayed at a Bed and Breakfast in Illinois (www.theslammer.net) which was formerly the county jail in the DH's hometown. Thought of you, and was very careful to make sure I left NO makeup on the linens!

24/10/06 23:44  
Blogger Elle said...

hello from a fellow knitter in the UK :)

I've looked at both the images for a little while and I think you look very nice with the shirt on under the pinafore. I'm not sure why you think otherwise.

I confess that I can't wear pinafores at all. I just end up looking pregnant in them :/

25/10/06 13:22  
Blogger Dez Crawford said...

I think you look equally good in the pinafore with or without a blouse. I would go for the full length sleeve, though.

In the States, people in small towns in New England and in the the Deep South sometimes still use the word "pinafore" but most Americans say "jumper." I have never figured out how a jumper translated from a sweater of your side of the pond to a pinafore on ours!

I am medium-yall and have no waist. When I wear a jumper I look like a rolled-up carpet.

28/10/06 05:50  
Anonymous carlarey said...

While you are pondering clothing options, I have been struggling with hairstyles. Suddenly I look ten years older than I am. Time for a sassy punky cut.

I'm beginning to see why muslim women say the burka is liberating. I'm thinking of taking it up. Just imagine the savings on clothes, make-up and hair product. A little mascara and off you go.

29/10/06 14:02  

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