Monday, December 18, 2006


Well, DH and I have chosen the fabric which he's going to order for my Christmas present.

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The blue is much less visible to the naked eye than the camera makes it appear. I think it will make a lovely classic jacket, once I dare take scissors to it!

Second choice was this textured black:

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Two more that we liked, but didn't think were appropriate at this stage:

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Along those lines, I bumped into some georgeous linen, designed on a hand loom and woven in Europe as I was mooching around looking for shirting fabric.

The Linen Shop is definitely worth a look if you're into quality fabric and/or furnishings.

Hotel stuff
Still no progress on the flood cleanup. We can't start without a quote, and our tradesmen are taking their time.

Mutter, Grump!

Other than that, I'm waiting up for a guest.
His first question on booking was "Do you have 24 hour reception?"
Well, not exactly. When there's only two of you, you need to sleep at some stage. Still, if I know when someone will be arriving, I don't mind waiting up - Mahler 1 on Radio 3 is good company for my sock knitting.


Anonymous Barbara-Kay said...

Well, I'm glad you have an excuse to get some knitting done. What a season you've had. Things can only look up, eh?

Beautiful fabric. The weave reminds me of some traditional Welsh weave. Is it?

19/12/06 15:06  
Blogger Dez Crawford said...

Lovely fabric -- I like the pink-white-black combo best (if I were choosing something for myself).

29/12/06 07:45  

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