Saturday, December 09, 2006

Knitting for Geeks

You may have noticed that I very seldom mention knitting for J. This is not because he doesn't appreciate knitting, but because the kind of knits he wears are far better bought than made. A single-colour crew neck in burgundy 3-ply for example....

However, today was different. The new Knitty is up, and one pattern in particular has received an extremely favourable response.

I had already considered the Linux Scarf, as well as Pasha - both of which show the Linux penguin Tux.

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The Binary Scarf however, got an unequivocal "Yes!" along with helpless laughter, so that's on the list once I've finished the latest pair of socks, and made a bit more progress on the patchwork knitting for the Retreat in May.

I'm not sure if he's going to insist on an actual message, rather than random code....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Thanks for your kind words on my blog, you are so sweet. I've got a DS who would flip if I knitted or embroidered him anything with the Linux penguin. That is so cool. More reason to someday need an embroidery machine! Knitting is just mind boggling. I admire you ladies who do this so well!

12/12/06 03:44  

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