Monday, December 04, 2006

Umm, could I rephrase that...?

When I said we were unlikely to be flooded, I meant we were unlikely to be flooded from outside.

Last night 22mm (3/4") push-fit connector decided that it didn't want to hold the hot water pipes in room 4's bathroom together anymore.

It was really quite freaky, as there was water pouring through the ceiling of the function room (J has worked out about 50 litres a minute), and yet no sign of anything wrong in any of the bedrooms.

What a mess!

The plumber arrived within 10 minutes of our phoning, thank goodness, but we're going to have to repaper and redecorate the function room....


Sometimes you wish you'd kept your virtual mouth shut.


Anonymous Barbara-Kay said...

Sigh! We're cheering for you - hang in there!

And could the original plumber be held responsible for the cost of the repairs - after all, his work failed post-haste!

4/12/06 13:27  
Anonymous Dawn said...

Hi Lorna,

So sorry to hear about the setback! I must admit it was surreal to read your last post immediately after John's post about the flood.

Crossed fingers that this is the last, and everything will go smoothly from now on.

4/12/06 15:18  

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