Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Deja Vu

We've had a group of insurance sales reps staying with us since Sunday night. They like staying up late. Very late. Like 4am late. So, any time not spent doing essentials is being spent sleeping. In shifts. Add to that the fact that we're one down on staff due to holidays this week, and things have been a bit daft.

Good daft, in that we're full and busy and the reps seem to be enjoying themselves, mind.

Actually, it feels very like the early days of our relationship, when he was working nightshift and I was in the lab. We'd meet on the stairs twice a day at around 7.30am and 10pm! At least we're in the same building now, even if this is the most we see of each other aside from when we're doing breakfast.
J after a long night

Knitting, well. Lets just say that designing after 4 hours sleep is a bad idea. I've been splashing about in the frog pond again.


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