Monday, October 03, 2005

A frogging we will go.

Ho hum. Due to a staff no-show I was in the pub from 14.30 until 24.30 yesterday. For this, I have precisely nothing to show knit-wise.

Adding garter at 45 degrees to garter, doubling the number of stitches Does Not Work. It ruffles. Badly. And gets Ripped Out.

Adding stocking stitch in the same position should have worked. But I forgot to double the number of stitches. And ripped out again.

At that point, I decided that perhaps I'd done enough knitting, and put it away.

The cold war broke out in the pub again last night when I had the temerity to suggest to a punter that he'd probably had enough to drink, and I wouldn't be giving him any more after he'd finished his current pint. Apparently, you just don't do that to Locals.

And you thought that League of Gentlemen was a comedy
(catch phrase: "This is a Local shop, for Local people. There's nothing for you here!)

Pictures of progress tomorrow. If I make any, that is.


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