Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I wish to complain

in the strongest possible terms. (with apologies to Monty Python and that Lumberjack) About Devan, that is.

My cousin had a son, Joshua, by emergency C-section on the 3rd. So, I got the bits of Devan out to do the final finishing.

Button band
The instructions on Knitty say clearly:
Shape neck and shoulders:
K18[20, 24, 28] sts and place these shoulder sts on a holder, BO 30[32, 32, 36] sts, K to end and place these 18[20, 24, 28] sts on a holder.

Then, when you get to the instructions for the band, you get:
Front band:
With RS facing, smaller needles and CC, (details of pickup snipped here) K30[32, 32, 36] sts from back neck holder, (more details of pickup snipped here)

So, you bind of stitches on the back, and then knit them off the holder you didn't put them on when you come to do the band.

Sigh. So I picked them up and worked the bands anyway, reasoning that a slightly firmer back neck might not be a bad thing. I had, however, reckoned without the second oopsie.

So, I'm knitting at a significantly looser gauge than the pattern specifies: 6 1/2 spi as against the 7 1/2 spi specified. I've followed the instructions for knitting the buttonholes exactly.
For boy's sweater:
K1, *purl to first marker, SM, RM1, P1, LM1, SM; rep from * once, **YO, P2tog, P10[10, 12, 14]; rep from ** to last 5[5, 6, 4] sts, YO, P2tog, P2[2, 3, 1], K1. (4[5, 5, 5] buttonholes).

And I get:
Front band with biro buttonhole with biro
Buttonholes I can't get a biro through.

I considered toggles instead of buttons. I considered i-cord ties instead of buttons. Then I looked more closely at the place where the button band meets the rolled edge of the sweater.
Corner closeup
and remembered the too-tight back neck bind-off-and-pickup instead of knit-off-live-stitches fiasco, and decided that it would never look quite right. I don't know of any way to make an edge which curls under (the bands) join onto an edge which curls over (the lower border) without it looking like the fudge that it is, and a stiff neck is a pain whether you've got one or are wearing one.

So I'm going paddling in the frog pond again.


Blogger spinnity said...

Hi Lorna-- thanks for the link to your Devan-in-progrss. Love the colors!

I didn't join the bottom edge and neckband. I let the bottom edge curl UP and the neck band/button band curl IN and didn't connect them one little bit. They seemed happy, so I left them alone.

I'll have a FO post later today when I get the photos off the camera.

10/10/05 17:22  

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