Sunday, January 29, 2006

Knitting Olympics: Team Scotland

Yes, I know that we don't compete as a nation in the Real Thing, but the thought of a Knitting Olympics without a Team Scotland seems a bit odd to me.


So, for the purposes of discussion, here are my initial criteria for membership of Team Scotland (tick at least one):
  • You were born in Scotland
  • You live in Scotland
  • You are of Scottish descent (Murray, Campbell, MacAnything, McAnything - yes I know some of those are Irish, but we'll stretch a point, etc)
  • You are cohabiting with someone of Scottish descent
  • You wish you lived in Scotland
  • You can play the bagpipes (or at least like to listen to them)
  • You know what a Dashing White Sargeant is
  • You have eaten haggis
  • You know at least one line of a Rabbie Burns poem
  • You have been bitten by a midgie
  • You have knitted or worn a Fair Isle sweater
  • You have drunk Irn Bru

Any other suggestions?

If anyone knows of someone who is already hosting a Team Scotland, please post here! Otherwise, I'll get to work on a few buttons. As with all other teams, do please post at the Knitting Olympics athletes page if you're going to be taking part.

The plastering is finished. Finally. It's still drying, but yesterday I put the skim plaster on, and I'm really very pleased with how it's turned out. Now all I've got to do is seal, paint, new vinyl, new loo seat, new light fitting.... Hmm, rather more than I thought.

Truly gorgeous today: cold, clear, and I'm going out for a walk!


Blogger Jocelyn said...

Just cruising through -- how about if you're married to someone of Scottish descent?

31/1/06 19:42  
Blogger Franklin said...

If Wales hadn't nabbed me, dear lady, I would be yours. I am not of Scottish descent or Scottish by marriage, but I make quite good shortbread. And I have nice legs for a kilt.

31/1/06 20:33  
Anonymous Minxxy said...

count me in for team Scotland. I can do all the things listed...I am 100% Scot ( does being engaged to an Englishman loose me points? I did hijack him and relocate him in Scotland)

31/1/06 22:26  
Anonymous Dawn said...

Hi Lorna,
Glad to see I dont have to register to leave comments. I didnt notice the 'other' option last time!

I love your team button. If I was going to join the Olympic challenge, I would definitely join Team Scotland, since I qualify on almost all counts, but no, I dont need more pressure.

I was home last weekend and bought 2 lots of yarn and 3 pattern books over in Edinburgh, so I have enough to keep me busy for a while.

How about adding - you have knitted or worn a Fair Isle sweater? (I bet most of your readers dont know what Irn Bru is ;-)!

All the best,

1/2/06 13:13  
Anonymous JessaLu said...

Hi - I started up a team Scotland last week :o) I live in the US but am of Scottish descent (I'm a Stewart/Stuart). You're welcome to the button I made :o)

3/2/06 22:16  
Blogger Kira said...

I'll join you in Team Scotland please!
I'm an ex-pat Scot in California.
Were you going to create a separate blog for everyone to post to??

5/2/06 06:18  

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