Friday, January 13, 2006

I know I'm being unrealistic

But everyone's allowed to dream a little.

In my stash I have some burgundy Kidsilk Haze. I had planned to make Summer in Kansas when I bought it, and even bought the pattern from America at the time. That was several years ago, and I'm starting to wonder if lace shawl knitting is something I will ever do.

However, I was sitting and thinking (a total luxury for me - both sitting and thinking time have been severely curtailed over the past year) and wondered what some of the Bavarian travelling stitch patterns would look like worked in Kidsilk Haze and a lacework tension.

OK, so I haven't got time to knit anything that complicated, and probably won't for years, but unless someone who's tried tells me that the game's a bogey, I will continue to think, and dream, of a burgundy lace coverup to wear over that elusive perfect little black dress.

Actual sitting with needles in hand: none.

I did however deconstruct the Royalty booties and have a draft pattern waiting for formatting, pictures etc. I've decided that I'm not happy enough with the hat to write out the pattern, and will simply send it off to Amy without recording the details for further use. The idea was good, but the execution didn't quite match up to what I had in mind.

Jean, I haven't forgotten about reknitting and writing up the pattern for Nudibranch. I've decided on the colour scheme for MkII, but that's as far as I've got.

Image hosted by

Still no sign of our project manager. I eventually tracked him down somewhere in Sunderland, and hope to see him on Wednesday. A week late before we've started. Can you say Scottish Parliament? I do hope it's not an omen of things to come.

Otherwise, dealing with the laundry monster after nine guests checked out this morning.

3 double beds: 3 duvet covers, 12 pillowslips, 6 sheets, 6 towels
6 single beds: 6 duvet covers, 12 pillowslips, 12 sheets, 12 towels
4 rooms: 8 bathroom floor mats, 4 table cloths

Thank heavens for two washing machines and two tumble driers. Next year we'll probably use a contract laundry service for sheets & pillowslips, and just do the duvet covers and towels ourselves. This year it was too big an outlay when we really didn't know how busy we were going to get.

Random other stuff
I have found myself a talking book to listen to while I do the ironing: one by Hannah Hauxwell. Before I can actually listen to it I'll need to find a heater for the linen store, and connect up the little HiFi, not to mention moving the huge wardrobe which has appeared just where I need to set the ironing board up.

Ah yes, the joys of preparing for renovation....


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