Monday, January 09, 2006

Happy Dance

The first version of Chantelle knitted by someone other than me is complete! As it has now officially been test-knitted, I have put the pattern up for sale at the Knitting Vault. We'll see how my idea of appealing tallies with the rest of the knitting world's.

Next, to write up the pattern for Royalty (see below) and the Nudibranch Scarf.

That rather neatly balances a very odd two hours in the pub this evening. Three of our regulars spent all that time telling us that we had no idea how to run a pub, because "pubs are different here: people expect shouting and swearing, and this will never be other than a working man's pub". Oh, and we'll never get the pub to work until we get the pub to work (no I didn't understand that one either). And finally, knitting behind the bar makes me look frumpy and granny-ish, apparently, and the whole town is talking about it.

Good! As Oscar Wilde said: The only thing worse than being talked about is not being talked about. It's a good conversation starter, but perhaps I'll put it away at 5pm when the old men come in (well, old in attitude anyway: most of them aren't even 50 yet).

They finished off their evening by telling me that I look about 45. Not the way to a woman's heart, particularly me who hits the big 30 this year!


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