Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Splish splash

Although in my case it was a swim, rather than a bath. Only 20 25m lengths in about 15 minutes, but I'm trying to schedule this 90 min outing into my week, just to get a break from the hotel. It's funny how some songs seep into the national memory, and even if you've never heard the original, you know the key lines. A bit like some Monty Python sketches, in fact.

Thank you very much indeed for the advice on bear eyes, nose and ears, Franklin. I am planning to do satin-stitch eyes as being the hardest to pull, bite or chew off, and will provide a bear hospitalisation policy for the inevitable reattachment of limbs etc. I won't be working on the bear (I really must come up with a name) before the weekend, but I'll keep you posted.

Dawn, thanks for your email. If you're thinking of running a hotel, then do read John's blog which details more about the day-to-day stuff than mine ever will. If you're used to a Monday-to-Friday, 9-to-5 job, then I would seriously advise taking a temporary management job in a hotel before you took it on yourself. We're both used to odd shift patterns, and long hours, but even so it has been very hard work indeed and shows no sign of easing up.

Not a lot today. About 8 rows on the Jaeger jumper, and the purchase of some yarn for Nudibranch II. I'm planning a variation on the theme, just to see if it works: more soon.

Much hunting of paperwork today. I'm off to a seminar on the upcoming ban on smoking in public places in Scotland, and then to see a lawyer. I'm not sure we want to go down the legal route, but the structural survey of the hotel completely missed both the dry rot and dodgy beams which are costing us rather a lot to fix (see earlier postings and pictures) and I need to know what my options are.


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