Saturday, March 04, 2006

I try to take one day at a time....

but lately several have attacked me at once!

Thank you Jean and Dawn for your comments on the website. As an ex mac-user and now linux user (under protest) I'm very aware of the trouble that bells-and-whistles can cause, so it's good to know that the site works on more than just my PC.

Tonight, for some unknown reason, just about everyone under the age of 35, and a few over, has decided that the Spread is the place to be. Last night we closed early, as it was so quiet, but tonight is more than making up for it. Normally we'd have one member of staff behind the bar, with one of us on call: tonight it has been two behind the bar for most of the evening, with one roving glass-collecter-cleaner-upper-trouble-spotter in the pub.


I am sitting down with a well-deserved cup of tea, but will be back in the fray any minute now.

Unsurprisingly, hasn't progressed at all. I do, however, need to post a picture of Chantelle knitted by a member of the Ample Knitters mailing list. I don't have permission to post her name, but here's the lovely lady:
Pink Chantelle

If you're one of the many members of the list who asked for a copy of the pattern while I was having it test-knitted, and you'd be happy for me to add your picture to the album, please send the file (just about any format will do) to me here

Jean has very kindly knitted my latest effort a designing, the Nudibranch scarf, and I really must get back to her with answers to the very valid points she raised. Then I can see about finding someone to host the pattern for me.


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