Saturday, February 11, 2006

It's started.

That would be the Knitting Olympics, then. I have my equipment (2mm dp Inox needles, sock yarn, pattern, yarn needle), In fact, I have everything I need bar a functioning brain.

I even have a few (semi-legal) performance enhancing substances.

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Yes, I have a cold. I have been busily procrastinating today, and generally feeling sorry for myself rather than doing the 954 642 things which are shouting for my attention.

My olympic challenge is as follows:
  • find the completed (too long) sock knitted in 2004 for Mom
  • find the pattern (Heels & Toes Gazette, yarn, needles etc
  • fix sock no. 1 (first attempt to remember how much too long it was when it was tried on in July 2004)
  • knit sock no. 2 to match sock no. 1 (and I mean match, stripes and all)
  • get socks washed, dried & posted off to very patient Mom

From now on, Olympic knitting news will transfer to the Team Scotland group blog

Other knitting stuff
The pattern for Nudibranch MkIII has finally been put together and sent off to Jean for test knitting. I do hope it's understandable!

Hubby has done just about everything work-related for the past few days. Working in a smokey pub with a cold is just no fun at all, and I've been very well looked after indeed.

We are due to have a big meeting of everyone involved in the renovation project on Thursday 23 February, and hopefully things will finally get moving soon after that.


Blogger Yvonne said...

Hope the Olympic knitting is going well. I'm with you on the drugs list - Night Nurse rules in this establishment!

19/2/06 00:39  

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