Sunday, February 05, 2006

Knitting and gardening

Before we took on this hotel, we lived in Glasgow - just on the edge of Queen's Park. In the middle of Queens Park, and right at the top of the hill, are some allotments, and I managed to get a half plot. I really enjoyed growing veggies: I like to see a concrete return for my effort, and shrubs and flowers just don't do it for me.

Bear with me, this does have a (tenuous) knitting connection.

Jean has a house-with-garden at Strathardle. I no longer have either an allotment or time to keep a garden. I do, however, have a large collection of seeds, which I had left with family in Glasgow during the move. Today, Jean took over the seed collection, and we will see if any of them survive the Strathardle Rabbits. I'm with Jean on this, by the way: Rabbits have no Rights, other than, perhaps, the right to be eaten!

The new hat is finished. It's lovely in blue, and lovely in buttermilk yellow (Jaegar Baby Merino DK) for me. Photos later in the week, as tonight I have tousled hair due to a session of Aquafit at the local pool.

Nudibranch has been drafted, and awaits final editing and insertion of pictures before I can send it to Jean for testing. I'm debating on how many options to give the knitter: I suspect fewer is better, but will take advice from anyone who's willing to offer.

The plastering is really finished. I painted about half the wall area with a damp-proof paint, and then had to stop as the fumes were overpowering in that smallest of rooms. It was really hard work. A bit like trying to paint with treacle, in fact, and my wrists are complaining gently about their double workout today.

More painting tomorrow. It's John's turn to clean the beer lines, so I'll have time in the morning for mucky stuff after the guests have left and before the pub opens.

Knitting Olympics
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Last year's cow parsley against a gorse hedge.
Just a little something at the top of the Lanton Road which I thought was pretty.


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