Wednesday, April 12, 2006


It is, and I have. Not the best of combinations, especially when I was on bouncer duty for several hours in the rain on Saturday night.

The message about underage drinking (we won't tolerate it) seems to have got out, as most of our regular crowd of young people arrived clutching driving licenses. A few chancers were politely asked to leave, and generally a good night was had by all.

Non work
I have finally picked my birthday present: a Canon A620 digital camera. I very nearly got the Fuji F10, but it doesn't have an optical viewfinder.... Maybe next time, once they upgrade to that.

Stalled. Completely. I have reconstructed the tensioning system on my Singer (from the MIL) and am psyching myself up to the task of making muslin "net" curtains for all the bedrooms, as well as the equivalent of fitted sheets for several bed bases which are too low for valences to work (can we say muddy footprints all over clean white linen?).

More work
The H&S for the reconstruction-renovation-repair project needs to be supervised on-site. That'll be me, then.

Apologies for any long silences which ensue: I'll try and get pictures of progress up on the blog as I have time.


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