Thursday, March 16, 2006


A blog I've started reading recently, is Musings from the Merse - a writer in Hutton, Berwickshire (not Cumbria, sorry!)

The fire safety risk assessment proceeds at glacial pace (not perhaps the best of analogies - more like a damp fuse....) not helped by the absence of our cleaner this week. Compassionate leave, for very good reasons, but still a pain in the tail.

Off to get new glasses today, I hope, as the lenses on the existing ones appear to be delaminating. Trying to see through large white streaks is not improving my mood one little bit.

A 2-year-old size cardigan for a newly arrived little girl. Colour "Pilau Rice" according to the pub customers. Pattern from a very old P&B leaflet I bought in a charity shop, but modified to be top-down and in one piece. No piccies: but John's mum has offered a camera for the significant birthday pressie, so that should change in fairly short order.


Blogger Huttonian said...

I am glad you are reading my blog. One small point of correction-the space we inhabit is Berwickshire, not far from Cumbria but definitely in Scotland!

16/3/06 17:53  

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