Wednesday, March 22, 2006

Sock yarn

I am not a happy camper. I bought one ball of Sirdar's Town and Country sock yarn from the local shop, just to try.

I am very very glad I only bought one ball of the colour "Volcano". I can't show you a photo, as the camera is still on strike, but trust me, it's awful.

I use baby bootees as a test knit for sock yarns, as I get to see what the colours look like and a finished item far quicker than I would if I started a pair of socks. For the first time ever I have given up after a single bootee. The general consensus in the pub is "horrible". I agree. Frankly, the colours which have been used just don't go together.

They look all right in the ball (see above), but knitted up it honestly looks like I've just grabbed random black, dirty pink, yellow-ish and maroon bits from the bottom of my knitting bag, and worked them all together.


I've reverted to Opal and Regia for bootees. They both result in lovely socks, and I've yet to find a colourway that didn't work, although there are plenty that I don't particularly like.


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