Saturday, April 29, 2006

Lovely day

Freezing night.

Amazingly, the under-19 Rubgy sevens competition down at the Riverside today resulted in a truly beautiful spring day. There are a lot of tomato-coloured people walking around this evening. The downside of this is that once the sun went down, it got cold. And guess who was outside on bouncer duty from 20.40 to 23.15 this evening?

My fingers have just about thawed, and I have renewed respect for the women who used to stand and knit waiting for the fishing boats to come in. cold fingers = slow fingers.

Here's my progress from 3 hours in the pub, and almost as long again outside.
Regia miniringel socks

The pattern is a modification of the one I used for the Olympic Socks which is from the Autumn 2003 issue of Dawn Brocco's now discontinued Heels and Toes Gazette. The pattern has some clever shaping to help avoid the bagging which often appears above the heel flap, and I want to try a pair for me to see if it works.

Yes, I know I said that I needed to finish something, and here I am starting yet another project. I'm utterly fed up with trying to write up the pattern for Amy's hat, and so headed off on a tangent with the socks. I wanted to be able to offer a child size and an adult size using the same yarn, but mucking about with the stitch count has resulted in hats which just look wrong. Back to the original plan of using 4-ply for babies and DK for grownups.

Dawn, thank you for the reassurance. I do sometimes wonder if I'm only using this to remind DH what I've been up to!

Sheep update


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