Sunday, April 16, 2006

Spring (take II)

It's a lovely day out there, and I am in a blue funk. Nothing serious, mind, just the absence of a garden to play in (or time to do said playing) now that the weather seems finally to have decided that winter is over.

The laundry is calling (loudly) the end-of-financial-year PAYE returns are waiting (impatiently) and I am sat in an office, grumbling.

Not good!

John has posted details of the structural work going on in the hotel at the moment. I'm sure that's part of the blues: we've been waiting to be granted planning consent since last August, and still haven't got it, but this is now an emergency repair which neither the local council nor Hysterical (sorry, Historic) Scotland can stop. Sadly, it means the work is going on over Easter, and during what we hope will be the start of busier times in the hotel, rather than during January and February as we'd planned.

I was out doing my East-European border guard impersonation again last night. Full marks for brass neck to the 16-YO who came back twice after being asked to leave, and then spent a good 10 minutes commiserating on the problems of fake ID. Nice try, Leonie, but it's not going to work....

The fabric for the new curtains arrived the day after I ordered it from B.L. Joshi in London. I'm still very impressed with them, as I may have mentioned before. No progress on actually making said curtains, but at least I've got everything I need on hand.

Franklin: thank you so much for your sympathy on the misplaced leg (!) I'm hoping to go and collect the dodgy specs some time this week - hopefully without semi-rotating legs this time.
Sahara: thanks for the encouragement re. the blouse pattern I've been tweaking. I've got some seconds of broderie anglaise which I might just use to test the fit. If it works, I have a new blouse, and if it doesn't, I've lost very little.

New toys
The new Canon A620 appears good. Very fast startup, which is important to me, and good colour balance as well. The usual problems with photographing reds continue to plague me, though.


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