Friday, July 21, 2006

Checking in

No, I haven't quite fallen off the edge of the world. Apologies to those of you who were wondering what had happened.

In order:
1. The Jedburgh Festival (like a common riding, with lots of horses, alcohol, and a ball)
2. The Jim Clarke Rally (a huge event, which just happened to be on the same weekend as 1)
3. Two completely new bathrooms installed at the hotel (still being snagged, and barely ready for 1 & 2)
4. Two days in Edinburgh to think (a very rare occurrence!)
5. The start of the tourist season (English schools break up today)
6. The realisation that my CV is several years out of date, and on a computer which I don't have access to.
7. A heat wave (Jedburgh has been above 28C for more than a week now!) such that I can dry towels on the line indoors in less than 4 hours.
8. A brainstorm (I'm thinking about arranging a knitting retreat here sometime in late spring next year)

So, I've been a bit busy, and I've not been knitting, but I hope to post more regularly soon.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Hi Lorna, I'm a keen knitter but it's just something i'm getting into, i'm not yet a member of any society that gives me the opportunity to bounce new brainstorms and find eciting new patterns and styles of knitting. I would appreciate any advice on which route to take next, i've invested in hoards of wool so i guess the next step will be getting into a retreat and investing my energy wisely. Many, many thanks.

Miss Crochet, N.Jersey

6/8/06 20:23  

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