Monday, September 25, 2006

Late Opening

Sadly, today the pub will not be opening on time at 12 noon. I have fed 6 hungry guests, started the dishes, cleared & cleaned the breakfast room, cleaned the pub & loos, stripped six beds and remade them completely (including two clean duvets and four clean pillows), started the laundry, ....

And now I'm sitting down before I start cleaning the four bathrooms.


J is away to Arran and Ardrossan on a business trip, so I'm on my own until 6pm tonight.

Edited to add:
I managed to open at 14.45, after a quick bite of lunch, then just sat for a while! I really ought to be a lot fitter than I am with all this climbing stairs and scrubbing bathrooms....

Total takings today £35. Not unusual for a Monday.

Oh, and before anyone jumps to conclusions: J does more than his fair share on the cleaning front on a normal day! The trip is all about providing 'added value' in your food service, and as he's the expert on that, he's away to find out what he can.


Anonymous Barbara-Kay said...

Whoa! Wish I could buy one for you! And this after you put in such a week last week. YOU get the next business trip - let him clean the loos, etc.! Perhaps you could just hide out with your knitting - wouldn't that be grand?

25/9/06 14:28  

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