Thursday, August 17, 2006



Today was supposed to be the grand unveiling of the perfectly fitting blouse that I've been working on for some time. Instead, it is going to be the day of the grand unpicking.

I have measured, and modified, and pinned, and modified some more, and the blasted thing still isn't right. Despite increasing the bust darts to what appears to me to be rediculous proportions (I'm only a C-cup for goodness' sake), and mucking about with everything from shoulder slope to waist curve, I'm still not happy.

So, the sleeves are coming out again, and the armholes are to be enlarged. That will hopefully solve both the slight puffed sleeve effect of a too-large sleeve cap, and the draglines from under the arms.

Then I get to try and figure out what's making it get hung up on my rear (there's plenty of ease, so it can't be that it's too small) and possibly make those bust darts even bigger to stop it drooping in front.

And it's raining. Again.

John has suggested Jacaranda Rose and Doritos along with some music. I think I might just take him up on it.


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