Friday, August 18, 2006

This and that.

That dratted blouse is winning the battle at the moment. I have (so far) neither screamed nor sworn, but blood sweat and tears have definitely been involved.

Here it is in all its glory:
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As you can see, the shoulders are still too wide, the bust darts too shallow, and the armholes (I think) too tight. There's something odd going on around the hips, and something else weird around the shoulder blades. Apart from that, my dears, it's just perfect....

Otherwise, things are much quieter outside the hotel, as the brood of house martins has finally fledged. They are noisy little things.
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Anonymous TrevorKane said...

What lovely fabric. I can understand how frustrated you are at not getting a great fit. It looks like you have the darts positioned properly, and I think they are close to, if not the right size. Try basting the sleeve seam about 3/8 inch from where it is. No need to take it out, just baste it in until it seems to fit. That will take care of the too wide shoulders and the too tight sleeve seam, and may solve all the other fit problems. And I would not sweat the back too much, it might be just the way the two fabrics of top and bottom get along.

Good luck

TK in NM

19/8/06 16:59  

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