Wednesday, August 23, 2006

You've got to laugh

So we've got plasterers in the building at the moment. Finally. Only about 2 months after we were expecting to be finished.

Now, the more observant of you may have noticed that this is a hotel. A working hotel, which means that we have guests. Breakfast is from 08.30 until 09.30, so at about 09.00 I'm generally under a fair bit of pressure to get everything ready and right and on time.

At 09.10 this morning, a plasterer, in work clothes, came into the kitchen and attempted to ask me a question. My response was to send him to find John (the other half) as he wasn't currently dealing with breakfast. The conversation went something like this.

Workman: Excuse me.
Lorna: I'm busy cooking breakfast, you're going to need to talk to John.
Workman: Excuse me.
Lorna: I'm busy cooking breakfast, you're going to need to talk to John.
Workman: Where is he?
Lorna: Well, you might try the office.

At this point, John came out of the office to deal with a full blown strop on the part of the plasterer - and came to find out what I'd said.

Just a wee bit precious, are our tradesmen here in the Borders. Coming into a kitchen in work clothes is bad enough. Doing so in the middle of breakfast is really daft.

One of them does it most mornings....

More cheery stuff
My pressie from Dez has arrived! Two balls of a wool blend called Dublin, all the way from the States, and some of her own patterns too.

Thanks Dez!

Ryanair has been responding to the heightened security at UK airports in the approved Irish manner - by making a joke about it. The Register has the best version I've seen.

Yesterday was dead in the pub. So much so that I managed to get half of a baby surprise jacket knitted. The lace has stalled - I simply can't work on it with the kind of distractions you get while serving - but I'm about 1/4 through the main body of the piece so there's hope of finishing some time this year.

And so to work
My barmaid/cleaner has phoned in to say that her son's been bitten by their dog which means a trip to the doctor for tetanus jags etc., so I'm off to deal with cleaning, laundry and other assorted bits of busy-ness.


Blogger John said...

A pedant writes...
May I point out that Ryanair is Irish.

24/8/06 22:22  
Blogger Dez Crawford said...

I'm so glad your yarn arrived safe and sound! Hope you enjoy it.

26/8/06 23:48  

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