Wednesday, October 18, 2006

What not to wear.... (II)

A big 'look' this autumn is the shrug. It's supposed to look good on most figures, and provide a feminine touch....

Not on me it doesn't!

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Muffin top in one easy step - and I don't normally have one.

Long cardigans, designed to "smooth over figure flaws" are no better. I feel (and look) like I'm wearing a tent.

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My problem now is to find a way to look stylish without looking old. I'm looking for clothes that I can wear, rather than the clothes wearing me. A new haircut has been procured, and a new wardrobe is next.


Blogger Treesa said...

Nonsense, the picture on the top right looks fine, just fine. However....the model needs to 'stand up straight' without a exagerating the curve in her back or pooching her butt out. The green sweater looks good also, but the bottoms do nothing for the sweater.

When you take a picture of your self, put your chin down slightly and off center a tad, and you'll take much lovely pic.

21/10/06 01:52  
Anonymous carlarey said...

I think the shrug on the right looks great, you just need a longer shirt.And good luck finding that.

I hate shopping for clothes anymore. It seems there is no gray area between hootchie and matron. At least not without spending a stupid amount of money (which we all know has been allocated for yarn). Who decided that the extra few inches of fabric needed to cover one's lower abdomen or upper behind justifies doubling the price?

21/10/06 13:12  
Blogger Erica B. said...

I like the shrug too. You do however need a longer top. Try something billowy.

22/10/06 16:25  
Blogger Dez Crawford said...

Try wearing the shrug over a turtleneck or mock turtleneck -- they really can look smashing over a turtleneck, even if you're not Twiggy! Something in turquiose under that black shrug would really pop, and would look good on your complexion. Or try the black shrug over a long camisole in a color besides white -- it will give you a very different look.

The little keyhole neckline in the white blouse underneath conflicts with the line of the shrug. A higer neckline on the garment underneath would work better.

I think the green cardigan would be more flattering on you in a darker, richer green -- can you dye it? You have that lovely super-pale complexion that looks so good with rich greens. the light green doesn't show it off as well.

I'll agree with Treesa ... the worst way to photogrpah yourself is facing the camera dead-on with your hands at your sides. It's like standing at attention in the military -- it's not a natural stance. For a better idea of how a garment looks on you, turn your head to the side, put one hand on your hip, see how you look sitting down as viewed from the side, leaning against a wall, carrying a bag, holding an umbrella, etc. In other words, normal postures. I don't think even Cindy Crawford could take a flattering shot with the hands-at-sides pose!

I'm 45 and I'm one of those people who is best described as being "solid." Not thin, not plump, but no waist at all. I am built like a post with boobs.

I like to combine things like a Gansey with a loose, flowing skirt and boots. If I have to be practical, I like the hem of the sweater to be long enough to cover my rump, and to wear pants that fit well.

It is really hard to find good clothes that fit well that make you look like a grownup without looking like a dowager. It seems like the fashion people want you to look either like a floozy or Miss Marple but nothing much in between!

I think long, drapey, flowing things look nice on everyone -- very flattering for Twiggy types, and very forgiving for the rest of us. I keep waiting for the day when long tunics, leggings and cloaks come back into fashion!

23/10/06 02:52  

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