Friday, October 20, 2006

Open Access

Charles Darwin's notebooks are being put online for anyone to read. The original of the notebook he used while on the Galapagos has been stolen, but a microfilm copy has been used to make the information available.

I've been neglecting my knitting due to a few other interesting discoveries online.

1. The Fashion Incubator is a blog written by someone in the industry, and she gives wonderfully detailed tutorials on the way manufacturers construct garments. There's a discussion forum as well, but it's very focussed on small business owners.

2. Pattern Review is a message board, discussion forum and reference area for sewing of all kinds. You can get a free trial membership, but I've found it useful enough to pay up for this year at least.

3. The English Cut is the blog of a Saville Row tailor.


Blogger Aarlene said...

Thanks for sharing: that English Cut blog was great. I had recently seen a show on bespoke shirts, suits and shoes. Wow! That's got to be a wonderful experience and then to wear the articles all the time! That would be quite a confidence booster.

21/10/06 21:41  

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