Thursday, December 28, 2006

Sewing again

I decided that after the madness of Christmas Eve and Boxing Day in the pub, I needed a little time for me. After the blue blouse woes, I decided to try something a little simpler. I need summer tops, as I don't think T-shirts look particularly professional unless they're under a jacket or similar.

I found this New Look pattern (now out of print) sitting amongst the dust and stour in what was supposed to be my craft room before the renovations got out of hand, so I set to....

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I'm quite pleased with the result, for a first attempt:

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The back view isn't as good, partly due to the static, but partly also because it just doesn't fit right. I can't quite figure out why, but suspect it may have something to do with a bum that sticks out, and a waist that goes in....

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And yes, I am that lopsided - it's not just the way I'm standing.


Blogger Aarlene said...

I suspect you are a smaller size than what you've been sewing. At least from the waist up. I'm not a seamstress so I don't know for sure, but I'm thinking it would be better to add some ease to the bottom of the pattern than to take in the top of a larger size. Then, in theory, the shoulders, arms, bust and waist would fit better.
I keep meaning to make me some basic patterns from a website I saw once upon a time. But I'm a procrastinator. You are sewing even amidst all your construction chaos and work. Way to go!

Happy New Year

Aarlene in Louisiana

28/12/06 21:48  
Blogger Devon said...

Your blouse is very nice, I am to waiting till all the festivals are over with to get back to my sewing,,I am having withdraws..

Happy New Year

Devon from Arizona

29/12/06 15:10  
Blogger Charity said...

You look great, Lorna. I'm so impressed with your sewing skills, my machine is a dusty object taking up room on a top shelf! :0)

29/12/06 18:15  
Blogger Mandella said...

I love the fabric you've used for your top. I'm sure your problem would be eased if you put some waist shaping into your top. Some of us (ask me how I know) are definitely not straight up and down.

30/12/06 09:53  

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