Monday, January 08, 2007

Thank you!

for all your good wishes over the Christmas and New Year period. It's really lovely to hear from you all!

On Thursday I scuttled off to Glasgow to do some shopping. Ostensibly it was a trip to buy fabric for the corridor window curtains at the Cotton Print Warehouse in Govan, but I snuck in a meetup with the folks from Pattern Review and some shopping for me.

We met up at Miss Cranston's Tearooms on Gordon Street, and had a lovely few hours of chat and scoffing/guzzling.

Then AJ and I went off to Remnant Kings and I did some more shopping!

My real scoop, however, was at the Cotton Print Warehouse, where I found this lovely stuff for £15.99/m with 20% off. 2.5m is mine!

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I will, eventually, make a jacket, I think.

Is ongoing, but I'm working on the teaching stuff for the Fibre-Crafts Retreat in May, so you're not going to see it until the advertising is finished. This week, I hope....


Blogger Aarlene said...

Wow that is quite pretty. Beautiful fabric on sale? sounds like you are definitely starting the New Year off right.

9/1/07 01:33  
Blogger Charity said...

How nice to have a day out for fun! Love the fabric! :0)

11/1/07 17:55  
Blogger Devon said...

Beautiful fabric, cant wait to see what the outcome project it,,,

12/1/07 14:18  

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