Tuesday, January 31, 2006


So I'm supposed to have finished writing up the pattern of Nudibranch to give to Jean so that she can test knit it for me.

Have I done so? Nope. I have been thoroughly distracted by Grumperina's blog, specifically, the lovely lacey hat she has been making. I recently bought the two books of Modern Lace Knitting by Marianne Kinzell, and although I won't be making anything from the patterns as is, I started to wonder about using the centre of some of her tablecloth patterns as the crown of a hat.

I've been knitting and tinking on-and-off for several hours last night, and again this afternoon in the pub (can you tell it's been deader than a dodo), and I think I've come up with something that will work. The rate of increase is not quite what I would like but, having spent much too long trying to chart out modifications that worked, I winged it and will wait and see how the hat looks once it's finished.

Things aren't going to plan with the renovation. A howler along the lines of Harry Potter was dispatched to the project managers today, and we await a response.

The plastering that was finished... isn't quite. I decided to take off the skirting and found a lovely woodworm infestation in one corner (dead, I hope) and a little more plastering needing done. In the meantime I've sealed the rest of the new plaster, and hope to do some painting on Thursday.

Tomorrow I'm off to Edinburgh to a Tourist Forum meeting on Eastern Europe. Apparently this is the next big market for the industry in the UK.

Still absolutely freezing. It was my turn to clean beer lines this week, and the cellar was sitting at 4C i.e. the temperature the beer is normally served at after passing through a huge chiller.

More distrations
I mentioned on Sunday that I was going out for a walk. I took the digital camera with me, and saw lots of things I wouln't necessarily have noticed if I'd just been walking without the camera.

A case in point:
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I didn't even know that house was there, and it's less than five minutes walk from the hotel! I need to try and go back when the light is a bit better, as I could see the path more clearly than the camera could.

Speaking of photos: Franklin, this one's for you....
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Bless your dear heart. And here I had to go join up with the Welsh!

7/2/06 16:00  

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