Monday, November 28, 2005


You've heard of the beer goggle effect, yes? So some social scientists with rather too much time on their hands (don't they all...?) have come up with this:
Beer goggle calculator to explain how it works.

And very pricey indeed:
In the mean time, the explanation for the lack of knitting photos can be seen below.
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This is the view through the vennel to our beer garden. No, that isn't lens distortion you're seeing, it's the effect of about 200 years of 3 tons of brickwork sitting on top of an unsupported stretch of wooden floor.
A close-up of one of the beams is even more scary, particularly considering that we had a full structural survey before we bought the place, and the surveyor was "not concerned with the long-term structural stability of the building".
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Well, I hate to break it to her, but we (and the project manager and the structural engineer and the architect) are. Very concerned indeed. So concerned that there are now 12 acrowprops under those beams, with possibly another 8 to come.
It's safe now, but we'd had a double 18th birthday up there! Thank goodness pogo-ing isn't quite as popular as it once was.


Blogger Jean said...

Oh, Lorna, that's scary. Speaking as one who lives in daily fear of falling into the Scotland Street tunnel. You have all my syumpathy. Actually, I think our crack and the tilt of the kitchen floor are due to the weight of the Aga (which had been here for many years when we arrived) but that's just as scary.

Cheers! Jean

30/11/05 08:11  

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