Monday, March 06, 2006


The most recent Interweave Knits magazine has just arrived, and while there is much to peruse, first impressions are less than stellar Mar has written a wonderful ode to bobbles, and my reaction to the cover is rather similar, if a bit shorter.

Having said that, the offerings within the UK are much much less inspiring. For something in excess of £3, you can delight in 16 patterns: at least two will be crochet; of the remainder, at least three will be "variations" on one pattern i.e. they used a different yarn, and at least one will be along the lines of You Knit What, and often more than that.

I know that most magazines are a)tied to using yarns provided by their main advertisers and b)desperately trying to come up with a way to make any garment in under 4 hours. For some obscure reason, despite the fact that many of the yarns cost more per ball than an entire garment from Asda or Primark, they still then go on and on about the fact that "knitting will save you money", and that "knitting isn't just for grannies any more".

Sigh. I feel quite curmudgeonly myself, and I'm not (quite) 30 yet. I knit because I love to knit, and I know very well that I could buy something which will keep me just as warm for a significantly smaller investment in both time and money. That's not why I do it, and until the magazines etc. realise that I will continue to trawl ebay for old copies of Jaeger Magazine, where fine gauge, well-tailored knitwear is the norm, and the occasional blip of "trendy" is just that.

The digital camera has gone on strike. It will sometimes switch on, but it declines to take a picture under any circumstances, and I am quite bereft. I was going to ask for money towards a new phone for my birthday, but I think it might need to be a camera instead. My film SLR Minolta (manual!) is lovely for recording things, but not for blogging.

I sent my cleaner home early today - to bed. That's meant 6 hours in the pub on my own, and I'm tired. I'll be more positive about what I achieved tomorrow.


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