Tuesday, September 26, 2006

When you're tired

past tired, in fact, the sight of a cleaner (especially mine, who does a very good job) coming through the door is a wonderful thing!

It's basically been a good morning. I had four guests in last night (a family), and after they'd had breakfast they asked if they could stay another night. Yippee! My head doesn't hurt (yes, this is an unusual state of affairs), and I've managed to get out and do the grocery shopping for the next day or so.

Today I'm on my own in the pub for 11 hours, with a big football match to round it off (Celtic v. FC Copenhagen if anyone cares) when I'll be offering pints at £2. I've put posters up, but frankly doubt that anyone will notice....

Blog reading.

I don't read Rabbitch very often, but this morning I wandered past and spotted her post on a few differences she's noticed between the way men & women think/act. Why don't they teach these things in 'lifeskills' at school? Actually, why don't they teach lifeskills at all?

Sample curriculum:

# how to make (and stick to) a realistic budget
# healthy eating on a budget (most advice assumes that you've ready access to all manner of fresh fruit & veg which, frankly, small supermarkets simply do not carry, or if they do, charge way over the odds for nasty old stuff)
# how to read a bank statement (and what to do if something's wrong)
# how to write a letter of complaint that might just get results
# basic food (and other) hygiene
# the care and feeding of basic power tools
# translation from boy-speak to girl-speak
# how to work out what your priorities are ('cos time management isn't much use if you can't decide what to start with)
# how to take notes in a lecture/meeting
# an honest discussion of the risks/pleasures of intoxicants (legal and illegal)
# graphic discussion of STIs (trust me, the pictures are quite enough to make you think twice)
# an honest discussion of relationships, childrearing etc (difficult I know)
# basic tenets of major religions, morality & the avoidance of chauvinism in any form
# your country's political system, how to vote, and a discussion of the techniques used by politicians and their ilk

any other ideas?

Celtic beat FC Copenhagen tonight. More happiness!

I'll leave the discussion of the Ryder Cup victory to Jean.


Blogger Jean said...

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27/9/06 06:35  
Blogger Jean said...

Sorry, Lorna -- I'm useless on golf. I was just there for the sweaters.

I love your list of lifeskills, most of which I lack and almost all of which I recognise as essential. "Almost" -- because I don't even know what an STI is.

27/9/06 06:37  
Blogger Gill said...

I love the list of lifeskills too - and I'm really pleased to be able to say that we do teach the basics of many of them at the Primary school where I work :)

1/10/06 20:13  
Blogger Rhiannon Macfie Miller said...

I really dislike the way that so many diet plans or healthy eating schedules never go back and finish off what they start. For example, breakfast, day 1, one slice of watermelon. Breakfast, day 2, bowl of bran flakes. Breakfast, day 3, slice of toast. And so on, with every meal of every day being completely different. So you'd end up with most of a watermelon, most of a packet of bran flakes, most of a loaf of bread, and whatever else going rotten, stale or mouldy in your house.

20/10/06 11:52  

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