Sunday, October 01, 2006


I am looking for a new Credit Card company.

I've been with Cahoot for a while now, as they offer a good internet-accessible account, with a decent interest rate on cash withdrawals (which I use when I go on holiday overseas).

Last month, I ordered some clothes and paid for them with my card. When I sent back the unsuitable items, a refund was made to my card, as is normal. I now find out that although I've set up a direct debit to pay my account, this refund was classed as a repayment and they've not taken the direct debit. And I'm liable for interest!

Not happy. The call center operative stated that if I make any repayment, that will automatically preclude the direct debit being taken.

I didn't make the payment.

By my reading of the T&C the direct debit payment should have gone ahead as normal, and I shouldn't be liable.

Cahoot appears unable to see this.


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