Monday, February 05, 2007

War on terror, is it?

More like a war on decency.

In today's Herald (sorry Jean, it's a Glasgow paper) there is an article about how German prosecutors are attempting to arrest CIA agents for the illegal abduction of a German citizen.

This week, the unthinkable happened to the untouchables. German prosecutors issued arrest warrants for 13 CIA agents in connection with the alleged abduction of a German citizen. Khaled al-Masri says he was kidnapped in Macedonia in 2003, taken to Afghanistan and accused of having ties to al Qaeda. After five months of interrogation, during which he claims to have been beaten, his captors realised they had lifted the wrong man and dumped him in Albania.

The German warrants are not the first. Italian prosecutors want to charge 25 CIA agents over the "extraordinary rendition", as the process of snatch and despatch to secret prisons is known, of a cleric from Milan. The German charges are more significant because of the country's strategic importance to the US, and the weight of evidence al-Masri, with the help of his lawyer and journalists, has been able to amass.

From being a lone voice telling a strange tale that few believed, al-Masri has the attention of the German public, media, parliament and prosecutors. Questions are being asked of ministers.

Not quite the image America would want to project, methinks.


Blogger Jean said...

Well done, Lorna!

5/2/07 12:46  
Anonymous carlarey said...

If only we'd asked questions like that of our government a few years ago. Sigh. And the east has a far longer memory than the west, so even if we beging making amends right now it won't help repair the damage for a very long time.

5/2/07 15:48  
Anonymous Rose said...

This American agrees with you completely.

6/2/07 23:56  
Blogger Dez Crawford said...

This American also agrees with you, and I hasten to add that I didn't vote for the scoundrel.

Didn't vote for his dad, either.

My great-grandmother went to great pains to immigrate to America, and all I can think is how disapppointed she might be if she were still alive. I am often tempted to immigrate back "home" to County Clare, if they'd have me.

9/2/07 06:46  

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