Saturday, February 03, 2007


My little Singer sewing machine is unwell. It's skipping stitches if I try to sew at anything approaching a reasonable speed. However I have the loan of a Janome (thanks Rei) and have been trying it out. I'm used to the Singer, so there are a few things that are irritating about the new machine, but all in all it seems a good basic machine.

As a result of this, I can report another summer blouse completed:

You can read all about it here on Pattern Review which is a wonderful site.


Blogger Feeling Simply Quilty said...

I've been sewing for about 40 years, and I've owned a lot of machines. If you haven't had your machine tuned, it may be time. Also, changing the needle, brushing out the bobbin case and oiling, if your machine uses oil, (your manual will tell you) Are all the first fixes before you bring it to a reputable sewing machine repair man. Ask around for one of those. Good Luck! Don't give up! put a new Pfaff or Viking on your list for Christmas, I don't sell them, just like them best. Look for a good used one to begin and not invest. If you want more info, I'd be happy to tell you what features to get. But, you have to find a machine to fit your personality.

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