Sunday, October 16, 2005

Mrs Mop

We interrupt your regularly scheduled knitting....

Thats my knitting, by the way.

With some rather unscheduled cleaning. One of my two part-time cleaners has handed in his notice. He's keen, enthusiastic, hard-working, and really wants to do a good job.

The government provides a minimum income guarantee of £45 each week, along with help in paying rent etc, to those who are out of work.
As soon as these people start work, the government starts clawing back the handout. It all makes sense to the mandarins in Whitehall I'm sure:
  • not in work: income £45
  • work 1 hour, income £45 + £5.05 (minimum wage)
  • work 2 hours, income £45 - £10.10 + £5

In other words, if you work 1 hour you get £50.05, and if you work 9 hours - you get the same. They take back everything except for the first £5 you earn, and once you get over £45 a week, they start cutting back on the help you get with paying rent.

Would you work?

Neither will he.


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