Thursday, October 05, 2006

Hill Farmers

have a raw deal generally. The sheep that thrive on the hills don't produce wool which is usable for anything but carpets, and for quite some time the cost of shearing has been around double the price a fleece would raise at auction, never mind the transport & packing costs. In part, this is because all wool has to go through the state monopoly, the Wool Marketing Board.

Two farmers have been working to find alternatives to burning their wool clip....

The BBC has details.


Anonymous Dawn said...

Hey that is interesting. Thanks for posting it.


5/10/06 12:33  
Blogger Aarlene said...

I suppose the Wool Board was meant to help the farmers initially. It's ironic that now it's just another drain on them.
Have y'all used that thermalfleece in your construction adventures?

5/10/06 14:52  

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