Saturday, October 22, 2005

If the hat fits....

Wear it!
Three hats

I'm stealing time from the never-ending laundry monster which is the result of five hotel rooms and very few stays of more than one night to talk about hats. It's cold, wet, and dismal, and just the perfect weather to be working on something warm and cosy.

My hats are made following a 'recipe' which I know works for most weights of yarn when knitted at a fairly firm gauge. It gives a reasonably snug-fitting beanie style hat, which is how I like it.

Firm gauge for me is Chunky on 6.5mm needles, DK on 4mm needles, 4-ply on 2.75mm needles (I'll measure the stitch/row gauge next time I'm sitting down)

When I worked at a slightly looser gauge (4-ply on 3mm needles), the recipe needed tweaked as it resulted in a very snug fitting beanie indeed (the blue/grey one in the photo above) I still like the result, but it definitely would have been improved by a change to either the gauge or the pattern.

I'm now working on another sock yarn hat, this time for the brother, who likes his hats quite a bit longer than I do. I doubt I'll get much done today or tomorrow (weekends are our busy time, DH is having a day-and-night off in Edinburgh, and there's a christening party tomorrow) but photos and the recipe will follow in due course.


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