Tuesday, October 25, 2005

One year ago today

We took ownership of The Spread Eagle Hotel. It was, to all intents and purposes, closed. The public bar was open for part of the day from Thursday to Sunday - basically being run as a private club by the owner.

Today, one year on, we have reached the 20% occupancy we were aiming for, and are gradually carrying out a program of upgrade-and-repair works supervised by the project managers JDI of Nottingham.

To be honest, I've been so busy preparing for the Hallowe'en party that we're holding on Friday to celebrate making it to the end of this year that I've not really stopped to think about the milestone much. Green custard creams (green & blue colouring to get a decent shade), still-to-be-iced iced spice biscuits in various appropriate shapes, and the small matter of a steak pie for dinner (yum), have occupied me for the past five hours!

I do still think that we picked a good one, in terms of both location and potential, and hope that we can make a decent job of getting "Scotland's oldest continually-licensed hotel" back up and running fully over the next few years.

Now I'm going to go and soak my sore feet....


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Congratulations lorna!
I like your blog, found you via Jean.I expect you have not had any time to read the books from the summer, but I do hope that you liked them. I am amazed you have any time to knit at all with the work in the Hotel and am impressed with your skills. I have a pattern for a knitted witches hat that I planned to knit for my children years ago. But Halloween always seemed to creep up too quickly and I never did knit it and now they have both left home!Best wishes. Judith

29/10/05 20:05  

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